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Amy Lee z Evanescence dla All About Music: „It’s combination of heavy rock band and beautiful symphonic classical inspired soundtrack sounding thing”

Z okazji premiery albumu Synthesis mieliśmy okazję porozmawiać z Amy Lee, liderką zespołu Evanescence. Zobaczcie, co nam powiedziała o nowym albumie, ale także wizycie w Polsce oraz pomysłach na kolejny album zespołu.

  • All About Music: How the idea for „Synthesis” came out?

Amy Lee: You know, that’s hard to define. We did it this way: I hear music in general, the sound of Evanescence, as, obviously it’s a combination of a lot of little things that make us one big thing. But especially I see out music as two sets: it’s combination of heavy rock band and beautiful symphonic classical inspired soundtrack sounding thing. And that always what it’s been, from the very beginning of the idea of band when I was teenager; when we were kids, what we want it. It had to be combining things like Mozart with heavy rock bands like Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden.

So we ended up becoming rock band that has three studio albums. It always has rock sound first, but I wanted to take a moment and let the other things to shine. This other side always has been there.

  • All About Music: The album is a little different than last album or Fallen but more like yours old stuff, pre-Fallen. Was that your goal to back to some orchestra-electronic vibe from albums like Origin or demo EP-s?

Amy Lee: Certainly I am not channeling old stuff, we grow up quite a bit since then, I am not seeing this that way. I definitely embracing the spirit of our entire catalog of music. You know, for a while I was sick of our like early stuff so I don’t feel that way, I feel proud of all our growth.

  • All About Music: Before recording started you had some experience working with orchestra, how was it this time, does everything worked how you think it will or there were some troubles?

Amy Lee: This is a big collaboration with David Campbell, the composer, and us. That is dream of mine. He is my hero. The way it really worked was so beautiful and unique, we got a chance to collaborate at the beginning of the arrangement. Normally we make our music and then David Campbell come in, in the last phase and starts arranging drum chords and things at the top of the things that are already there.

This time around the process was very much like sitting in the room together with David and we still, our producers, having conversations about different songs, going through our catalog, getting creative ideas, what can we do with this songs, expose then. It’s emotion, sorrow, it’s hard, how can we do something new that you didn’t hear before. We came out with arrangements, tryouts. We did his arrangements, my arrangements, Will’s arrangements, and eventually the band stuff so that was really cool and different that way, am, I loved it. I really loved, it was a long process, a lot of thinking.

  • All About Music: On the tour you are not the only singer…

Amy Lee: Yes; usually I was the only singer but now since we have Jen Majura on the band It’s fun and different. It’s nice to be not the only singer. It was challenge to bland our voices but it worked. It’s so cool to not have background track this time, true vocals have more life this way. We are able to do this with Jen now.

  • All About Music: Tour with album started, do you plan to add some new dates or that’s it? We are very sad there’s no Poland in plans for now.

Amy Lee: (Śmiech). For now! We are definitely looking for the future so I am not counting you out just yet. But this tour is difficult to put together, for sure. We don’t tour with our orchestra, we have to put together musicians in each different city so that some complexity. So I don’t know for now but I would love to bring this to you. We still looking for future ideas for next fall.

  • All About Music: Do you remember your first concert in Poland this year?

Amy Lee: Yes!

  • All About Music: Can you say something about this, any memories?

Amy Lee: Oh, we were there just came and had to chance to play. It always really cool to go somewhere where you haven’t been before, you know, the people were very very kind. And it’s nice to have people who waiting such a long time for finally see you idol. they had stories with our music, they said „hey your music is important in some part of my life, when I was going to something hard, when this specific thing happen to me and I grow from that place”, it’s truly beautiful.

  • All About Music: Back to this tour – you played couple of concerts already, how was it? Everything done as you planned?

Amy Lee: There’s no way that I would know how would it feel; I played the best I could but everything is so different, you just have to experience it to know (śmiech) this is huge, very ambitious show, big challenge. It’s different instead of „aggressive” feeling, it’s more like a show, to watch. Just the energy of the show is different, i’m enjoying those moments. It’s amazing to have of full power of orchestra behind you; I’m standing in front of the mic instead pulling it, it’s a lot of different things. I play a lot on piano, more classical things, very enjoyable.

  • All About Music: How you chose those particular songs for track list on synthesis?

Amy Lee: I just went through our entire catalog, um… I had specific ideas for what I wanted – the sound of synthesis – to be – and it’s definitely something that I always had in my mind; but there were certain songs that, for sure, that symphonic side, electronic stuff, that there’s more or want to be more that it is, for me. There were some really old songs that I wanted to perform, sing and perform better now rather than the time we recorded them; and over time music grows and changes, our history changes, our relationships in band. We wanted to show lighter, bigger perspective in general, so.

  • All About Music: Did you try some other songs but they didn’t make the cut?

Amy Lee: Hmmm, yeaaa, I had a big list at first and was going forward what was working and what was not, we didn’t try to hard, we just chose our favorites and I think like we could do a lot more but we ran of the time. I think it would be very possible to make this versions just of any song, but you know it’s all about emotion, the songs that had more, um, like an attitude like „Call Me When You’re Sober” or „What You Want” we left them even thou they were singles; we chose songs more vulnerable, honest, hard and sad I guess. I am in happy and eternal time of my life, but I chose songs that I think… there’s a lot of sadness, crying in the show. I just went into deepest emotions.

  • All About Music: Was there any song you added but you wasn’t so sure it was right decision?

Amy Lee: You I kinda just said that, „Call Me When You’re Sober” didn’t work, it had different attitude, so we did go with it. It just has to be certain heart, certain emotions though the songs.

  • All About Music: Can we expect new album with original songs in 2018 or later?

Amy Lee: I don’t know! Definitely it’s something what we will do next, we haven’t started writing for that yet, but that’s definitely the plan another original album after this.

  • All About Music: Last album, self-titled, was some kind of angry, loud, synthesis is a little different, you voice shines – where do you think you will go with next album?

Amy Lee: I don’t know, people keep asking me and I don’t know how to respond, honestly, we are keeping very open minds to what happen when you actually start creating the songs, the creative proces. I don’t want set the plan before you actually enter the studio, touch the piano, the drums. It’s creative story what naturally come out of us after touring, surprise us. I like collaborations, I like come up with ideas and sit and „okay where we go, what spirits call us” so yeah, I have very open mind what next Evanescence album will be like, what vision will come to us. It has to come in the moment when you start writing and realizing what albums is.

  • All About Music: What is one song that you are most proud in whole Evanescence discography? Can you name it one?

Amy Lee: I am very proud of our new song, Imperfection. My favorite right now. I have to admit that my favorite songs are always the newest songs, that always changes. Hopefully that something true, because we are always pushing ourselves, we always growing to do something better that we did before. I love Imperfection because it’s embodies not only this new attitude and new sounds but also it encapsulates very much the heart of our old sound, the spirit of Evanescence over the years.

  • All About Music: Thank you so much for this conversation and I hope you will visit Poland soon!

Amy Lee: Okay, thank you, you did so good and hope to see you all soon!

* * *


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